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The purpose of our athletic program is to develop skills, teamwork, and most importantly Christian sportsmanship in victory or defeat. While all team members will have playing opportunity, the team coach will have the responsibility to discipline those students who do not strive toward the purpose of the program. In order to participate, students must be academically eligible.

During the year, our school will be involved in organized play with schools in the immediate area. Athletics are offered based on the interest of the student population in grades 5-8 and willingness of volunteers to coach. We form as many teams as A, B, and C when we have large interest.

Girls Volleyball
The Girls Volleyball season is typically August-November. In the fall of 2016, the Girls Volleyball A Team had the opportunity to go to State and took 6th place!

Cheer Leading
Cheer Leading season typically begins in September to prepare for the Basketball season which begins in October.

Boys Basketball

The Boys Basketball season is typically October-January.

Girls Basketball
The Girls Basketball season is typically November-March.

Boys Volleyball
The Boys Volleyball season is typically January - February.

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