Lunch Program

All students are required to eat lunch. For this reason and for obvious reasons of nutrition and attractiveness, they will be well-planned. Students are welcome to bring their own lunch or purchase lunch through ILS. Students bringing their lunch have refrigeration and microwaves available for use.

Free and reduced lunches are served to those children whose parents make application and meet the eligibility scale set own by the School Food Service Program of the State of Missouri. We encourage all to determine whether they would qualify for free or reduced lunch fees and return the form completed. The number of students who qualify also determines grant money received for the remedial reading program. You may fill out the form and qualify, but chose not to take the free or reduced lunch.

The meals will be prepared by the kitchen staff. The kitchen staff is also responsible for making the menus, doing the purchasing of goods for the cafeteria, and maintenance of the cafeteria.

A half-pint of milk is included with the meal. The charge of the meals will be $2.80 for students in grades K-4 and $2.90 for students in grades 5-8. The cost of a meal for an adult is $3.30. Extra milk may be purchased at a nominal fee. Students in grades 5-8 may order an extra entree for $.50.

Students eating hot lunches can purchase meals by ordering in their classroom the morning of. Students who clean their plate may purchase a second milk. The purchasing of both meals and milk is tracked by the online account of each student through our Fast Direct system. Adjustments are made as children order. Payments for lunches can be paid through student accounts or by direct payments in the office.

Students with food allergies or special dietary needs should inform their teacher and kitchen staff in writing so that appropriate food preparations may be made.

Adults, such as parents or grandparents, are welcome to join their student(s) for lunch. Anyone wishing to do so that would like to dine by eating in the cafeteria, should call the office ahead of time so a lunch may be prepared. These can be paid for directly in the office or through the student accounts on fast direct.

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